BSMA Europe - A one day event dedicated to Biotech and Pharma Supply Chain Excellence

Dolce La Hulpe (Brussels)


If you are a global executive from biotech and pharma companies as well as professionals from the industry and technology enablers...

► Be part of the future of the industry to help building supply chain excellence from end to end ! 

BSMA, the leading community of life science supply chain professionals, organize its 5th annual European Conference of the Global Biotech, Pharma & Healthcare Supply Chain Community event on May 14th in Brussels (Dolce la Hulpe). The conference will be a unique occasion to take a look at a helicopter view on the upcoming industry challenges. 

Who should attend ? 
  • Supply Chain Leaders and Executives from the biotech, pharma and healthcare industries
  • Executives from CMO, CDMO, CRO organizations 
  • Professionals involved into procurement, operations, manufacturing, distribution, supply chain or logistics
  • CEO's of emerging life science companies
  • Supply Chain Solutions providers and technology enablers
  • Support organizations that want to learn more about biotech and pharma supply chain
  • Executives from Venture Capital firms, equity partners, financing organizations that want to learn more about operations in Healthcare
  • QP's and quality managers
  • Education program managers
  • Incubators program managers

►This one-day event is a unique opportunity to connect, share and learn with global executives from biotech and pharma companies as well as professionals from the industry and technology enablers.

Highlights of the conference
  • Personalized Medicine supply chain challenges
  • Industry 360°C panel discussion
  • The E-commerce Supply Chain flywheel – how it applies to biotech and pharma sector
  • Digitalization and data management impacts on operations and organizations
  • Temperature-Controlled and Cold Chain Supply Chain: Proven Technologies and Practices for Compliance
  • Managing the distribution of commercial products in complex environments
  • Distribution challenges in cell & gene therapies
  • Panel discussion on challenges in the supply chain to achieve tomorrow’s objectives
  • How to build an efficient supply chain while meeting high-level sustainability objectives.
  • How to transform and run your supply chain data and analytics organization like a life depends on us
  • Transportation challenges
  • Lessons from disruptive approach in life sciences operations and supply chain
  • Self-driving supply chain
  • End to End Visibility
  • Blockchain, AI and IoT
  • Talent development, training and education

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